amo Mexico!!

Full of culture, amazing food, fabulous weather and friendly locals, Mexico has to be one of my favourite travel destinations. 

The furthest I’ve been away from home on my own, and it did not disappoint; I must confess I was very nervous about travelling to Mexico on my own, having heard rumours and stories about violence and other crime that takes place in the country. However before booking I was assured by the fact that I was staying in a resort and not a major city like Cancun or Mexico City. 

I stayed in the beautiful Playa del Carmen, to the east of Mexico; full of things to do and see. I stayed at the Platinum Yucatan Princess all-inclusive suits and spa resort- adults only (that was a god send, not to be woken up by the noise of screaming children), here rooms go from £600 per night. The hotel was beautiful, each room had its own individual swimming pool and free Tequila!! The food was what you might expect from a resort of this size, buffets mainly, but a few fine dining options as well, which where actually rather good. The hotel has its own private beach just a short stroll from your room, golf on site and even a lake for canoeing and paddle boarding. I would highly recommend this hotel (ask for a room away from the main pool however as loud music plays throughout the day here) The Hotel

Image 28-02-2018 at 03.39                          The hotels private beach

In terms of things to do, I could be here all day, so here is a list of the things I got up to, and can recommend to you: 

Things to do:

  1. Take a boat trip and go snorkelling with sea turtles, this was magical, the turtles got so close you could (if you where allowed) touch them, a memory I will always cherish. I used the company Viator, who work with smaller operators in the area. I couldn’t find the exact one I did on the website, but here’s a link to a very similar one Snorkelling trip
  2. Visit Tulum, with its beautiful beach and some amazing sites, a must, especially with how close it is to Playa del Carmen
  3. Do a Cenote tour, a cenote for those that don’t know is a natural underground reservoir of water/cave. They are just beautiful and if your into Geology and Geography like me then I would highly recommend. I was able to book my trip through the hotel, which worked perfectly. 
  4. Spend a few days at the beach/pool to really relax and enjoy the heat, but definitely use a strong sun screen! I stupidly thought I wouldn’t burn with factor 15 on, I was wrong and turned into a lobster for a few days, which definitely took some of the enjoyment out of part of the trip. It was factor 50 for the rest of the time, but 30 would have probably done the job too. 
  5. Visit the Old Town, the hotel I stayed in offered free shuttles to and from Old Town Playa del Carmen, which was very handy. Old town is full of market stalls and small cafes and restaurants, as well as an air conditioned shopping centre (hallelujah!) 
  6. Visit the Coba ruins, unlike Chichen Itza, you can actually climb these ruins, book a half-day guided tour and learn about the history of this amazing settlement; you may even bump into and make friends with one of the cabin crew from your flight (like me). The tour is relatively cheap and shows you parts of Mexico that you wouldn’t see from the comfort of a resort. 

Image 28-02-2018 at 03.39 (1)                                     Part of the Coba ruins 

I stayed in a resort during my stay in Mexico, it really is necessary for safety reasons, even the locals were telling me that it was a good idea. By staying at a resort I saw the more cushy and westernised side of Mexico, although beautiful and seemingly a paradise, if i’d stayed in an airbnb I may have seen a very different side to it, a more real one at that. Having said this, I loved Mexico, truly nice people, lovely accommodation, cheap prices, great weather and lots of fun stuff to do! I hope to return one day. 



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