Geneva, Switzerland

Before booking any of my trips, I said to myself “I should visit as many new countries as possible” and funnily enough, I had never been to Switzerland. Most people go to Switzerland for skiing, unfortunately at the time I could not ski to save my life, I can snowboard, but I wanted more of an authentic travel experience, where I could engage with the culture of the place I was visiting. I looked through many online blogs and top ten best destinations for solo travellers and almost every time, Switzerland appears. I chose Geneva specifically because I wanted to visit the United Nations and the CERN super collider.

I visited Geneva in November 2016, so some of the details might be a bit vague, as I’m trying to remember everything. I stayed in a lovely hotel in Versoix called the Lake Geneva Hotel which is about a 20 minute drive outside Geneva, rooms go from around £140 a night for one person, to be honest, I was not aware of the distance until getting to the hotel, so I was rather annoyed by this as I cannot drive, however it was my own fault for not checking before I booked. This annoyance soon went away when I discovered there was a small train station a 1 minute walk away from the hotel, where tourists get free transport on all of the trains, so this made life a lot easier, the train takes about 10 minutes to get into Geneva, from there its a short 5 minute walk downhill to the centre (where the lake is basically).

Where and what to do in and around Geneva:

  1. Visit CERN, the tour is completely free, just make sure you book in advance as it can get full very quickly ( Link. ) The centre is about a 20 minute taxi journey from Geneva.
  2. Take a boat tour around Lake Geneva, soak in the history of the area and enjoy the                spectacular mountain and city views
  3. Eat cheese fondue in Old Town Geneva, enjoy the quiet quintessential European street, and the classic Swiss dish, its a must.
  4. Visit the United Nations, book onto a tour, as again they fill up quite quickly.
  5. Finally, do some shopping in the centre of Geneva, but be careful as some of the shops are a tad pricey.

I know it was a short post, but I was only there for 3 whole days. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos on this trip as I hadn’t really got into the whole travel photography thing, there are two ok ones on my Instagram so do take a look.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more.

Alice x

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