5 Handy Travel tips

I did a fair bit of travelling last year, and throughout this time I picked up a few tricks to improve my travel experience a little.

1.   Take an empty water bottle in your hand luggage, that way when you get through airport security, you won’t have to buy an overpriced bottle of water from the nearest WHsmiths. As there is nearly always a water fountain after airport security, and if theres isn’t then you haven’t lost anything by doing so. 

2. It seems obvious but, always take a phone charger in your hand luggage!! Take a detachable one so if its the only power point is USB then you can still charge your phone! But be aware not all planes have chargers so it is also worth taking a power pack just incase! 

3. Invest In a travel wallet/organiser. I can’t tell you the number of times I would rummage through my entire hang luggage looking for my passport and or boarding pass; so for me investing in an organiser where I could store all my travel documents made life so much easier and made airports far less stressful. Amazon have some good ones available at a good price, heres the link to the one I brought. Travel organiser

4. This is a biggy, and to be honest not a must, but never the less here it is, purchase a lounge pass, whether your going travelling for years or months, its definitely an added bonus to any travel plans. although they can be quite expensive, its worth it in the long run and again takes a lot of stress out of travelling. I used a site called Priority Pass, where lounge pass memberships range anywhere from £62 to £250 depending on the type of pass you go for. Its not for everyone especially if your travelling on a budget, if your a bit more loose with the old purse strings then  invest in one, most lounges offer free food, drinks, Wifi, Showers and some even have Spas like Luton and Heathrow as well as Istanbul. Heres the link to the site I used. Priority Pass

5. Lastly, this will seem like an obvious one but heres a little reminder. If your buying a suitcase DON’T buy a black one, if the airline loses your luggage then finding it again will be nearly impossible as most people have black luggage, if however you have already made the mistake of buying a black case (I know I did) then put a bright, bold tag on it so you can A) describe the bag better if its lost, and B) be able to identify it quicker on the carousel in arrivals. 

I hope these tips have helped. 

Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to follow this page and if theres any tips you can think of that I’ve missed then please add them in the comments. 



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